What Is The Bible Sabbath Association?

The Bible Sabbath Association is a non-denominational organization, open to all believers in the Seventh-day Sabbath. Its main purposes are:

  • to promote fellowship and cooperation between Sabbath-keepers of various groups;
  • to promote Sabbath observance on a non-denominational basis;
  • to restore respect and honor for the Ten Commandments as a whole, with special emphasis on the Fourth, which has been forgotten by most of the world
  • to encourage the repeal of laws which enforce the keeping of Sunday (or any day) by any unit of man's government; and
  • to defeat the adoption of any calendar which would disrupt the seven-day weekly cycle.


Its beginnings can be traced to the outcome of correspondence in late 1943 between a few Sabbath-keepers of various beliefs and affiliations who felt the need for a closer cooperation between various Sabbath-keepers. Although the home office is located in Fairview, Oklahoma, the Bible Sabbath Association now has a branch with offices in Australia as well as members located in several countries around the world. 

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