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What Is the Bible Sabbath Association? 
The Bible Sabbath Association is a nondenominational organization, open to all believers in the Seventh-day Sabbath, It now has a branch with headquarters in Australia, and members in several countries. 
Where Are the Headquarters Located?

The home office is located at Fairview, Oklahoma 73737. Requests for information, orders for literature, and offerings, should be sent to our business office at PO Box 7707, Bonney Lake, WA 98391. Our internet address is Residents of the United States can deduct the offerings from their income, for tax purposes.

When Was It Organized?

Its beginnings can be traced to the outcome of correspondence in late 1943 between a few Sabbath-keepers of various beliefs and affiliations who felt the need for a closer cooperation between various Sabbath-keepers.

Who Are Its Officers?

A list of the current officers is published in each issue of The Sabbath Sentinel. Denominations represented on the board of directors are Seventh Day Baptist, Seventh-day Adventist, Church of God, (Seventh Day) Denver, Colorado, and Church of God (Seventh Day) Meridian, Idaho, United Church of God, and others.

Why Was It Formed?

Its main purposes are to promote fellowship and cooperation between Sabbath-keepers of various groups; to promote Sabbath observance on a nondenominational basis; to restore respect and honor for the Ten Commandments as a whole, with special emphasis on the Fourth, which has been forgotten by most of the world; to encourage the repeal of laws which enforce the keeping of Sunday (or any day) by any unit of man's government; and to defeat the adoption of any calendar which would disrupt the seven-day weekly cycle.

Are you Interested? 

If you are interested or want to become a member write to:

The Bible Sabbath Association
PO Box 7707
Bonney Lake, WA 98391
Or E-mail us at


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