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Christian Biblical Church of God Church at Home
Church of God 7th Day (Australia) MessageWeek  (with John Klassek)
Church of God International Armor of God Television
Seventh-day Adventist Amazing Facts (with Doug Batchelor)
Wyatt Archaeological Research (President) Too Long in the Sun (with Richard Rives)
United Church of God Sermon Page
United Church of God  Beyond Today Commentaries
Yahweh's Restoration Ministry

Restoration Times






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December 5,2016

December 5,2016

There is a wonderful website that is full of Protestant history, review of world events, and of course - topics on the bible Sabbath. The website is: I would recommend (A) Rekindling the Reformation; (B) Total Onslaught; (C) A Clash of Minds, (D) Repairing the Breech, (E) Total Transformation, and (F) Health and Science presentations. I have found all of the speakers to be solidly bible based in their presentations.
Donald Hardesty
March 29,2016
Phoenix, AZ
John Ferreira
June 20,2015
Rhode Island

Loved the "Sabbath Rest Poem" and the young man who delivered it. Refreshing to see a devoted Sabbath-believing young man and Christian..
Denise Mitchell
May 9,2015
Ellicott City, MD

Clip(s?) seem(s) to be rather old!!
Tore Björklund
January 8,2015

Translation of the comment in Portuguese: I thank God for knowing that in all the times he was never without his remnant, Rev. 14:12. Glad to find this site geared toward those who love the LORD GOD through his holy law, and the fourth commandment that separate the true from the false worshipers. Matthew 5:17, Rev. 12:17, We are Sabbatarians who worship God in our homes. I would like to get in touch with different groups of independent Sabbatarians, especially those who have Church at home. Happy day of the Lord! Wanderlan (Sabbath, Happy Day of the Lord)
Kenneth Ryland
March 22,2013
Mulvane, KS

These clips are a great addition to the Web site. Thanks for putting them on.
Kenneth Ryland
March 21,2013
Mulvane, KS

This positive Sabbath information on National TV is great.. Sabbath is a special day and sharing it is a special blessing.
Sue Burrell
March 21,2013

Agradeço a Deus por saber que em todas a épocas ele nunca esteve sem seu remanescente. apoc. 14:12. Que bom encontrar este site voltado para aqueles que amam O SENHOR DEUS através de sua santa Lei, sendo o quarto mandamento que separam os verdadeiros adoradores do dos falsos. Mat. 5:17, apoc 12:17 Somos sabatistas e adoramos a Deus em nosso lar. Gostaria de receber contato com diferentes grupos indepentes sabatistas, principalmente aqueles que chamam Igreja em casa. Feliz dia do Senhor! Wanderlan (Feliz Dia Sádado do SENHOR)
March 2,2013
Brasil - Goías

Check out my website...
October 13,2012
Rhode Island

I appreciate the work you are doing in promoting the Sabbath. We are a Sabbath keeping family that hosts websites that promote Sabbath observance and provides weekly live sermons on the Sabbath, as well as archived sermons. Our websites are and I would be pleased to have our links posted on your site.
Carolanne Patto
July 25,2011
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Are you keep the 7 holy fests like united church of God? and do you have a Espanol page? Thanks for your answers.
Ninfa Nernandez
May 30,2011
Murphy tx.

Hi, I'm so glad to find people who loves the commandments of Yahweh, the Sabbath is one of them but did you realize that our calendar is different from the biblical times? and saturday and sunday are days included for the Romans and none of those days in the calendar is approved to worship Yahweh; only the day that He states in His holy calendar; please check this link for more info: praise to Yahshua forevermore!!!!
mario erazo
April 20,2011
soyapango, ESA

I was raised in the SDA church until I became an adult, then broke away because I began to feel differently about certain areas of the faith. It took me over a year to decide to change the day I worshipped, but when I did, I began to develop a deeper faith and spiritual truths were constantly being revealed. I visited 3 different kinds of churches and eventually settled on a nondenominational one with a wonderful Children's ministry for my child. However, lately I have felt the Spirit urging me again to revisit what my beliefs are, and I found this site. I don't believe I am supposed to go back to my old church or faith, but in essence to be a nondenominational sabbatarian. Not sure how that is going to work, and if I'll even find anyone else to worship with, but I am going to take a step back and keep praying about this.
November 27,2010
Indianapolis, IN

WOW I really enjoyed all the info from your website. I am a Sabbatarian, not affiliated with any church at this time. I am glad to see that more churches are coming to accept the truths of God! Thank you for these links. I don't have TV so the internet & watching programs such as these are all I desire.
Suenell Burlingame
September 28,2010
Lamar, AR

Really like your new website!
Dan Deininger
January 7,2010
Helena, MT

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