Img-SunRays-250x333.jpg Membership Request for The Bible Sabbath Association

Any person who approves of the objectives of the Association may become a member by contributing the annual membership fee approved by the Board of the Association. (currently $35 US)

The objectives of the Bible Sabbath Association are:


  • To teach obedience to ALL the Ten Commandments as the Messiah taught them with emphasis upon the Sabbath Command since it is the one that is generally repudiated by most professing Christians.
  • To increase and to SHARE our knowledge of the Seventh Day Sabbath, its origin, history, purpose and value.To encourage a similar study and sharing of the Seventh-Day Sabbath truth among all mankind throughout the word.
  • To bring together into one strong organization all believers in the Bible Sabbath, regardless of sect, creed or denomination for the sole purpose of spreading knowledge of, belief in, and observance of God's Holy Day.
  • To foster the observance of the Seventh Day as the Sabbath of the Creator, and of Christ the Lord.
  • To devise ways and means for accomplishing these ends through the Major Organization of THE BIBLE SABBATH ASSOCIATION, representing the total Membership thereof, and through such Branches or Local Organizations as experience shall prove to be desirable.
  • To establish and maintain such Association so that it shall be non-sectarian and inter-denominational and, therefore, inherently SHALL NOT CONSTITUTE A CHURCH OR A DENOMINATION.

New Membership Options:

The Bridge Builder member will be encouraged to interact with at least one Sabbatarian
fellowship (other than their home fellowship) each year, and to participate in at least one BSA project each year.

The Pillar member will be encouraged to interact with at least three other Sabbatarian
fellowships and participate in at least two BSA projects each year.

Projects for BSA “Bridge-Builders” and “Pillars” will include, but are not limited to:

Advisory and Consultation services to the BSA Board

Web/Facebook/Twitter/Social Media – assistance with defined projects

TSS/Directory/Key articles distribution – local conferences, etc.

Visiting/interacting with another Sabbatarian fellowship

Speaking on behalf of BSA

Promotion of BSA services/materials

Personal distribution of BSA services/materials, eg. TSS/Directory/Tracts

For more membership information:

Call (888) 687-5191 (alternate number (253) 447-7913

or write to:
The Bible Sabbath Association
PO BOX 7707

or via E-mail:




Bible Sabbath Assoc. Annual Membership $35.00
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